Selasa, 19 Februari 2013

finally! deluniq booth @Indonesia Fashion week'13 :)

alhamdulillah..,it was really nice & worthly experiences.., my 1st booth with my own brand. its really glad to see and meet a lot of & differential visitor/buyer/customer in there. feel honored when they liked our product and apreciated it. and its going really awesome when u got visitors and they undrestand about fashion/design world..,and knowing wht u'hv made, and liked & apreciated even admire wht we've created...,it feels like..all of my tired already paid ;) hehee
i really thx to GOD to make it happened & for my family and my man who helped & supporting me , hopefully deluniq could being better and better and blooming..:) amin.

for more pics :
info : / +62 85624361937
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Selasa, 29 Januari 2013

deluniq for Indonesia ashion week'13

finally!!:)) this is my 1st booth for my brand..,after i usually joined my friends booth.., so i am so exciting, and hopefully its gonna be great and well done!*wish me luck!:D

So, find us @ Indonesia Fashion week,..@JCC ..,Assembly hall ,booth A-245..for floor plan :

and grab some kaftans dress..,mullet dress, necklace.. etc :)
we giving you a unique silhouette & craftmanship that enhace ur beauty feminine for every woman :)